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Maria  Clara Eimmart, Ten Depictions of Heavenly Phenomena, (late 17th century)

Eimmart was the daughter of the history painter, portraitist and amateur astronomer Georg Christoph Eimmart, with whom she collaborated. Her father was director of the Malerakademie in Nürnberg but also established a private observatory. She was given a broad education in the fine arts, and specialized in botanical and astronomical illustrations. She made a series of some 350 drawings of lunar phases, observed by telescope, and captured on distinctive blue paper. Twelve of these were given to conte Marsili, a scientific collaborator with her father, of those twelve, ten survive in Bologna. She shortly thereafter married her father’s pupil and successor, the astronomer Johann Heinrich Müller and died in childbirth.


Childe Hassam, Rainy Day, Boston (1885) / Arctic Monkeys, Reckless Serenade (2011)

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on my balcony, and on my sister 

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YM US, July 1992
Photographer : Amy Nasser
Model : Liv Tyler



Kiss me Teddy! & Enjoy! 
Acrylic on canvas (2010 // 2013)

Hubert de Lartigue


Melt / Portrait of an Iceberg by Simon Harsent

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Jenna Coleman photographed by Lara Jade (2013)

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Marino Thorlacius

"I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect."

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